Galilee Forum

How Faith Changes

7.30 pm on Monday 10th June 2019 at Billingham Forum TS23 2LJ

Dr Ruth Perrin

About the Subject

Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996, so now in their twenties and thirties) are often referred to as the ‘missing generation’ in the British church, and it’s true they are the least religious generation on record.

However, for those who have faith it is often central to their identity. What happens to that faith as young people transition into established adulthood is complicated and important to understand. This seminar, based on data gathered from nearly 50 young adults in the North East, shines some light on the faith journeys and developmental experiences of that active Christian minority.

About the Speaker

Dr Ruth Perrin is a research fellow at St John’s College and associate staff at King’s Church Durham.

Her website provides a flavour of her findings.